Custom Drapery for Jamestown, NY

Many people forget about curtains when they’re decorating their home, which is such a mistake! When curtains are used correctly, they can frame a room and make it look bigger depending on the length and color. We know exactly what will most enhance the style of your room. We can help you select curtains that will bring in more light in your living room or block light in your nursery. No matter what your goal is, we have the knowledge about custom drapery and custom curtains to help you.

Types of Curtains and Drapes

We offer the following types of pinched pleats: 

  • Pinch Pleat drapes & curtains: the most basic type of pinched pleats.
  • Butterfly Pleat drapes: a type of pleat gathered in the middle with two or three loops above or below.
  • Euro Pleat drapes: a type of pleat usually looped at least twice at the top.
  • Fan Pleat drapes: a type of pleat feathered usually three times and fanning out below.
  • Goblet Pleat drapes & curtains: a type of pleat that looks cylindrical and then pinched underneath to resemble a goblet shape.
  • Cartridge Pleat drapes: a type of looped pleat.

We offer the following types of curtains:

  • Rod Pocket curtains (No Header): a simple curtain that comes down and can come in many different types of materials, colors and styles of pleat.
  • Rod Pocket curtains (With Header): in addition to the curtain, this offers a header that can frame the window and bring more attention to the window.
  • Box Pleat drapes & curtains: curtains or drapes that create a box shape at the top of the curtain and look looped throughout the length of it.

To get more information about each style, give us a call today. We can show you examples and find the perfect length, color and style for your space. We serve the entire Chautauqua, NY or Jamestown, NY area.

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