Custom Blinds in Jamestown, NY

Are you looking for more privacy in your home? Blinds are the perfect solution for you. Wood blinds can allow you to enjoy complete privacy in your home and also can be very beautiful. There is a wide range of types of blinds depending on your style and budget. They’re a versatile solution and can be combined with drapes and curtains for a gorgeous and private solution. Take a look below at some of the types of blinds we can talk to you about.

Types of blinds

We can discuss the following types of blinds with you:

  • Wood blinds: while the most expensive type of blinds, these offer complete privacy.
  • Faux blinds: a more affordable type of blinds.
  • Mini blinds: these fit better in smaller windows or offer space for a header.
  • Vertical blinds: while most blinds are horizontal, these are vertical and are often found in offices or large windows.
Not sure what type of blinds are best for your room and budget? We can assist you! Give us a call today to find out more about what combination of custom blinds and curtains we can offer you.
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