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Custom Drapery Jamestown & Chautauqua, NY 

Are you ready to make your house into a home? Do you want to decorate a nursery for your new baby? Are you looking to update your home office? Invest your hard earnings where they count; consult with J & J Home Décor today. We have twenty years of experience and knowledge in the Jamestown, NY and Chautauqua, NY area to give you a fresh, new look. Whether your taste is traditional or modern, we can assist you in every element of your space. Contact us for assistance with window treatments, custom blinds, custom drapery and shades, wallpapering, décor accessorizing, and more! 

When you call J & J Home Décor, you’ll get our complete attention from day one. We won’t stop assisting you until every last detail is taken care of, from the pleats on your drapes to the color of your carpets. Call us today to get started!

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Customers take advantage of our consulting services again and again in Jamestown, NY and Chautauqua, NY because we take every element of your needs into consideration. Make a list of what’s important to you including style, budget, functionality, and space, and we’ll turn your dreams into a reality. 

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